Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do Recent Fossil Finds Support Evolution?

If the conclusion is that Evolution is being further supported with each new find, then it would appear that there is not much evidence to support this position, even more specifically that there is NO primary evidence to support the theory (that is, all intermediate fossils, progressing from less to more complex, which give rise to interspecies variation, are completely absent from the fossil record; additionally, there is no Precambrian evidence that properly addresses the apparent Cambrian Explosion from an evolutionary standpoint; in fact, the Cambrian Explosion is better explained by Theistic Evolution, of which I disagree, than Gould’s Punctuated Equilibrium, of which I also disagree). If the conclusion is that Creation is being further supported with each new find, then it would appear the evidence of polystrate fossils, no Precambrian simple to complex fossils, and preserved dinosaur soft tissue is much more indicative of a global flood approximately 4,000 years ago.

It would appear that much speculation is occurring to support Evolution. The fossil record is of significant importance to the evolutionist. One interesting point addressed by the RATE team is that the geologic column, from which the evidence of the fossil record comes, does not actually exist. Similar strata can be found in different places of the world, but the geologic column, as presented in textbooks, is not found anywhere on planet Earth. This seems to be further complicated by polystrate fossils and the supposed stasis found by both hermit crabs and other sea life (such as sharks, etc.). These evidences are much more supportive of a worldwide flood than a series of random events leading from a single-celled organism to the complexity of life we see about us today.

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