Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Biblical Worldview: Ancient Superstition or Viable Scientific Mindset?

The idea that evidence does not interpret itself seems to be the most appropriate when approaching the question of origins. To review evidence that supports either the presupposition of “millions of years” in accordance with evolutionary biology or the presupposition of “In the beginning God” in accordance with Biblical theology, we should always be able to free the evidence from any presuppositional biases of the interpreter. While most evolutionary biologists and other scientists influenced by these pretend that they have no presuppositional bias, the complete avoidance of the question of God and manipulation of data findings to support their own preconceived conclusions makes it painfully obvious that this is just not the case. When considering the age of the earth, finding evidence that supports an age approximate to 6,000 years in accordance with the Biblical account is not unusual at all. In fact, it would appear that dating the age of the earth beyond this time frame is done only as an attempt to reconcile the worldview of secular humanism with the propaganda of evolutionary biology. The leap of faith that must be undertaken in order to create links between missing information, exaggerated hypotheses, and an aversion to the authority of a divine Creator is critical for the promotion of a secularized evolutionary agenda that attempts to remove the responsibility of individual sin.

Looking to some of the response to the previous question, it seems more surprising that many more scientists do not believe in a literal interpretation of the creation account in Genesis, rather than questioning why any do at all. While the systematized silencing of any voice of opposition to the theory of evolution seems more dogmatic these days than the forced conversion found in Islamic countries, the promotion of “professional suicide” for scientists opposed to evolutionary biology and the ridicule of individuals such as Richard Dawkins of those supporting Intelligent Design/Creation Science should not ever hinder the minds of those who are more interested in the truth than the brainwashing of secular humanism. With both the circular reasoning (evolutionary biologists who support “millions of years” because other scientific fields document “millions of years” because evolutionary biology teaches “millions of years”) and immature response of supposed brilliant minds (Richard Dawkins can be seen answering the question of “What if you’re wrong?” with the question, “What if YOU’RE wrong?” on websites such as YouTube), it is no small feat of ignorance to simply disregard a literal Genesis based solely upon an individual’s presupposition that “there is no God”. I am amazed at the “creationists are stupid” rhetoric thrown out by evolutionists incapable of hearing any criticism to their methods or demonstrating a capability to see beyond the tips of their own noses.

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